About The Footnotes Analyst

The Footnotes Analyst aims to inform investors and analysts about financial reporting, equity analysis and equity valuation

Our objective is to:

  • Give insights into corporate reporting that go beyond simply discussing accounting standards
  • Tackle equity analysis issues in a practical way that educates and informs
  • Provide innovative thinking on applying valuation techniques
  • Show why it is important that you read the footnotes to financial statements

The articles on The Footnotes Analyst are written by friends and former colleagues Steve Cooper and Dennis Jullens. We both worked at UBS Investment Research, where we provided advice on equity analysis, equity valuation and financial reporting to UBS analysts and institutional investor clients.

When Steve left UBS to join the International Accounting Standards Board in 2007 we said that one day we would publish our ideas ourselves. It has taken us a long time to get round to it, although we might have done it sooner had Steve not spent over a year after his retirement from the IASB trying – and largely failing – to reduce his golf handicap!

Despite our careers sometimes taking us along different paths, we have both spent most of our time involved in financial reporting and equity analysis in one way or another. We are passionate about these topics as well as in engaging with others about what interests us.

While this blog is primarily aimed at informing and educating investors and analysts, we hope it may also be of wider interest, particularly to the financial reporting community. Our focus is primarily on International Financial Reporting Standards .

Both Steve and Dennis are experienced presenters and educators. If you would like to enquire about speaking engagements or training for investors and analysts then contact us here.

Steve Cooper

Steve was a board member of the International Accounting Standards Board from 2007 to 2017. The IASB is the body that sets International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). He continues to be actively involved in financial reporting. 

Prior to his time at the IASB, Steve was a Managing Director at the investment bank UBS and spent 11 years as head of their Valuation and Accounting Research team. Steve’s earlier career includes education and training, auditing and corporate finance. More on LinkedIn

Dennis Jullens

Dennis currently teaches financial accounting, equity analysis and equity valuation at various Business Schools in Europe. He moved to academia in 2012 after 12 years in equity research at UBS, mostly in the Valuation and Accounting team.

Dennis has also been involved in accounting standard setting and is a current member of the Financial Reporting Technical Experts Group at EFRAG – a body that supports the European Commission. His earlier career includes various other roles in investment banking. More on LinkedIn

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